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Judo Connect
7 months ago
Choosing the right platform for a judo club's online presence is crucial for its growth and community engagement. While Facebook is a popular and versatile social network, Judo Connect offers specific advantages tailored to the needs and aspirations of judo clubs. Here are three main reasons why Judo Connect is a better choice for a judo club compared to using Facebook as their primary social network:
Tonbridge Judo Club
27 mins. ago
A fantastic bronze medal in the Junior European cup in Birmingham for Charlotte Jenman in her new weight category of -57’s! Two medals on the bounce in two tournaments, 5 fights - 4 wins and loads of lessons learnt! We are all really proud of you Chazzy J! ❤️🇬🇧
Westerleigh Judokwai
28 mins. ago
Don’t forget to follow us on tiktok!🥋

University Of Hertfordshire
28 mins. ago
Eid Mubarak to all those marking Eid al-Adha.
United Judo (Bexley)
28 mins. ago
Great Day For United Judoka taking GOLD - Connor and Tate. Tillie Taking Silver and Millie Bronze at the Woking Feeder Championships. Was also brilliant to see our clubs very own Anna controlling a table admin. Well Done All.
Westcroft Judo Club
28 mins. ago
British Judo claimed another three medals on the second and final day of the Birmingham Junior European Cup, taking our overall medal haul to nine for the event.
Westcroft Judo Club
28 mins. ago
Silver 🥈 for Dan at Junior European cup Birmingham 👏
Whitburn Judo Club
28 mins. ago
Congratulations to Sophie and Stella on being asked to represent Judo Scotland at the upcoming National Teams Event in July. Both are delighted to have been asked to represent Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 at this event.
Worcester Judo Club 83
28 mins. ago
Congratulations to Keith Merrick who was awarded a Diploma of Honour for his outstanding service as a referee at the Birmingham Junior European Cup

Keith will retire from international refereeing later this year
#judo #Officiating
Wellingborough Shudan
28 mins. ago
Happy Father's Day, from our Shudan Family to yours.

For all the fathers and father figures, we truly appreciate your help and support, and hope you've had a fantastic day.

We've spent the day at an AJA competition, where all our members have done us proud....cant beat that for a father's day gift!
South Shields Judo Club
28 mins. ago
SSJC on tour… epic weekend at the Birmingham Junior European Championships
Wellingborough Shudan
28 mins. ago
Two years ago we entered an AJA competition on Father's Day as a club, with maybe ten of our members taking part, and came away one gold, four silver, and four bronze medals.

Boy, have we grown since then!

Today, we had twenty five entries - many for their first competition and others fighting in two catagories - at around 200 competitors total all day, you could tell by the cheers that the #Shudanfamily made up an eighth of the audience too.

It was a very long day, with many of the kids fighting at the same time over all three mats, and sometimes even fighting each other, and I am so pro
Samurai J C
28 mins. ago
Well done to our very own Keith! 👏🏻

Congratulations to Keith Merrick who was awarded a Diploma of Honour for his outstanding service as a referee at the Birmingham Junior European Cup

Keith will retire from international refereeing later this year
#judo #Officiating
Kookateki Judo Club
28 mins. ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Kinsa Judo
28 mins. ago
Wow! What a day at the inaugural Southern Area Development Competition. We had our highest ever turnout of players! For many, it was their first time competing and I couldn’t be prouder of our them for stepping on the mat and having a go.

For others, it was a chance to further their competitive experience but it has been truly wonderful seeing how our young judoka have developed and matured. Additionally, witnessing the camaraderie and support of each other too. Win or lose, our little judo community is growing into something really quite special.

A big thank you to everyone who took part,
Sonkei Judo
28 mins. ago
We have our first ever First Dan black belt. 🥋

Congratulations to Shay, who today qualified for his 1st Dan grade by completing a “line up”, fighting a fresh opponent 3 times, one immediately after the other.

PD also qualified for a line up by winning 2 contests, but was pinned in his first line up fight. However he leaves with a lot of experience and another 20 points to his black belt.

Both players were exemplary in skill, conduct and are ambassadors of the highest level for the club.

Proud of you both and well done all the team for pushing them to get there.
South Shields Judokwai
28 mins. ago
Extending our understanding of the power of judo beyond its sporting assets is not a new concept. It is widely acknowledged that the moral code of judo, the judo values, underpinned the core philosophies of Jigoro Kano Shihan’s unique work, at the end of the 19th century and into the early 20th ce...
Keidokwai Judo Club
28 mins. ago
Yesterday was the first of four coaching development sessions led by the one and only Neil Adams, 2X Olympic Silver medalist, World champion, 5X European champion and now known the world over as "the Voice of Judo".

Our head coach Daniel Hankinson spent the day in great company with Neil, his wife Niki and the five other lucky coaches chosen for this program.

The day was a true learning experience, with all of the coaches gaining the benefits of Neil's vast knowledge and experience in Judo!

We are looking forward to seeing what Dan will bring back to our players from this experience and ho
Mid_Sussex Martial Arts
28 mins. ago
Judo for Juniors at MSMAS ~ Open to Boys and Girls aged 8 and over...

Judo taught in a traditional manner, readying our Players for competition, if they so wish :-)

Call 01825 791703 Office hours to chat.

(Picture show MSMAS Junior throwing opponent at recent BJA Competition in Woking ...)
Kodokwai Judo Club
28 mins. ago
Congratulations to our recent promotions!
Kin Ryu Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Really proud of all the dragons who stepped out at the development event today. For some it was their 1st step onto the next level of competition taking on opponents much older and higher graded but they did so with the skill and determination you would expect of a Kin Ryu athlete.

Final results:

🥈Ethan (Keisen)


Thank you to Richard, Josh and Peter for coaching all day and we'll done to all our officials who attended.

Faversham Judo Club
29 mins. ago
So a slightly different competition day, for one of our own today.

Lisa our group 1 coach has spent the day refereeing at the BJA Southern Area Development competition (a 3 matt event with over 200 entries) and is now a fully certified BJA Club referee.

Well done Lisa we are very proud of your hard work.

Imperial Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Great competition & training camp for our more experienced juniors if interested.

I'm pleased to announce progress with the Area Open date and online entry is now open.

Highland Budokan Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Huddersfield Judo Club
29 mins. ago
This should be a good event.
Last chance to get your entries in.

Friday 21st june – sunday 23rd june 2024 DNA JudoFest is a unique and groundbreaking event for judo in the UK. Staged on the border of the beautiful Lake District
Faversham Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Ford Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Another exciting club trip with Ford judo family 😍 a big thank you to Laura for organising our fun 💪 #Fordjudofamily
Elmbridge Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Well done to those at the southern area development today
Gold Gilbert and Maliha
Silver to James
Bronze to Veronika,Veremil and Issy
All worked hard and didn’t give in to any one great work
Causeway Judo Club
29 mins. ago
Great day for the club today!
Very proud of everyone competing and supporting each other.
Excellent turn out for a Dan grading and everyone trying so hard.
We win together and help each other always.
Happy Coach! 😁
University of London
4 hours ago
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Walderslade Judo Club
4 hours ago
Looking for a new fitness challenge 🤔 Come and try martial arts in a supportive and encouraging environment with two of the areas most successful and award winning Coaches, at one of the areas oldest judo clubs.

Email us today to book a FREE First Lesson and put your first step on the ladder towards your judo Black Belt 🥋👍

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